New Music Video “Fragrance”


Following last month’s release of the “Flowers” music video, we have now released the music video for “Fragrance.” This is an ambient work created using only VOCALOID Hatsune Miku.

“Fragrance” is crafted by extracting and developing a part of “Flowers,” so we hope you will enjoy the connection between the two songs when you listen to them consecutively.

New Music Video “Flowers”


We have uploaded the music video for the title track “Flowers” from the “Flowers EP,” which was released in May 2024. The video combines a fresh, spring-like track with images full of flowers.

yk (Hello1103) will join Arai Akino’s release tour “Botanical Note” as a chorus


We’re really excited that yk (Hello1103) will join Arai Akino’s release tour “Botanical Note” as a guest chorus. She will play at the Tokyo show on 2024.9.1 at WWW X Shibuya. Please see detailed information at following website.

“Botanical Note” Special Website

New EP “Flowers”


New EP “Flowers” will be released on 2024.5.10!

This is a 3-track EP, featuring the fresh and spring-like Tr.1 “Flowers”, an ambient track created solely by Hatsune Miku, and a self-cover by yk.

[Track List]
1. Flowers
2. Fragrance
3. Flowers (yk cover)

All songs by Hello1103
Artwork & trailer by yukako

Live video “Iron Veins” released


A live video “Iron Veins” has been released on Hello1103’s official YouTube channel. This is the performance at “Hyper geek #11” on 2024.2.10 at TUNNEL TOKYO which is renowned for its massive LED panel and we used the panel to the fullest.
Cameraman: Naoya Matsuda

Watch the video

yk’s 2nd solo album “Memories by the Sea” will be out on 2023.12.1


yk’s 2nd solo album “Memories by the Sea”
9 songs focusing on her voice, mainly singing with classing guitar.

  • 1. Sazanami
  • 2. Sepia
  • 3. Farewell, my dear
  • 4. Sea in My Memories
  • 5. Downy Cherry
  • 6. Looking at the Sky
  • 7. lilac
  • 8. happiness
  • 9. Shiranami

All songs & Artwork by yk (Hello1103)

New Music Video “haruka”


We released a new music video “haruka” from latest EP “haruka” on YouTube.

New Music Video “Iron Veins”


We released a new music video “Iron Veins” on YouTube.
This is a “lyric video style” music video with pseudo-Kanji characters made by Stable Diffusion.

Iron Veins is a unique piece in our work: Hatsune Miku’s sutra reading in a fictional language. When image generative AI began to spread, we decided to make this video because we thought the pseudo-Kanji definitely fit the track.

Watch on YouTube

1st pair album “Hello” “1103” released


We released our first self-titled full albums “Hello” and “1103” on 2022.10.21.
The tracks have been polished through 5 years of activities in our live gigs.

Visit “Hello” and “1103” special site for more information including comments from our beloved artists, the details of the songs, and the links to official stores.

Electronica that embodies a yearning for the future / IDM

1. Prediction
2. Enthusiasm
3. Rain over the World
4. Transparent Festival
5. The Dream of Elm
6. Iron Veins
7. The Tree of Time
8. Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens
9. Ark
10. Rainbow Kingfisher

Ambient / electronica with a prayer to the past and a search for serene beauty

1. same dawn again
2. evergreen
3. spring and sleep
4. invitation (long version)
5. emma
6. calling
7. construction
8. choir music for japanese crowd
9. Ark feat. yk
10. Evergreen Memories

Release date: 2022.10.21
Price: ¥2,500 (tax included)
CD / Digital Download

New MV “Ordinary Dawn (again)”


The music video for the new song “Ordinary Dawn (again)”, which will be included in the album “1103” (2022.10.21 out), is released on Hello1103’s official YouTube channel.

It is a collaborative work with illustrator Hitomi Tsuchiya. We filmed her live painting. The canvas changes moment by moment as the brushstrokes are piled on top of each other, and a story unfolds. In order to carefully follow the brush strokes, the music is also presented in a long version dedicated to the music video.

This movie was shown in advance at the recently held “Hello1103 Live:VR Experience”. We hope that those who were able to see the show at the show can enjoy it while thinking back to the day of the show.

Watch the Movie
Hello1103 New Album "Hello" "1103"
Tsuchiya Hitomi’s website