Angraecum EP

4 track split EP release by Hello1103 and Gargle. The “Angraecum EP” is a collection of “prayer” themed auditory bliss from the two bands. After several previous encounters at live venues, the two bands, with common qualities and a sense of strong storytelling, came together under a single “Angraecum.”

The English lyrics on “Calling” by Hello1103 were written by Lynne Hobday who is known for her lyrical work on tracks such as “ICO –You were there-“. The monumental 7 minute long track offers listeners a sonic experience that embodies an essence of a distant journey.

“Unfinished Prayer” by Gargle features a lyrically depicted soundscape backed by French string musicians the band is acquainted with. The tracks were developed on the shared theme of “prayers,” a universal theme that various artists had approached throughout the ages. For this EP, Gargle responded to this keyword that is evident in recent Hello1103 works.

[Track List]

  • 1. Evergreen - Hello1103
  • 2. Guilt and Shame - Gargle
  • 3. Calling - Hello1103
  • 4. Unfinished Prayer - Gargle

Available at Dewfall Records

Lyrics on track 3 "Calling" by Lynne Hobday
Strings on track 4 "Unfinished Prayer" by Eva Tribolles (MYCIAA) - Contrabass / Marie-Charlotte - Violin, Viola
Mastered by masaoki moroishi (parasight mastering)
Artwork by Hello1103
© Dewfall Records DFRD011

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